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Introduction to Psychology
What Is Psychology?
Merits of an Education in Psychology
Summary of “What is Psychology?”
History of Psychology
Wundt and Structuralism
James and Functionalism
Freud and Psychoanalytic Theory
Wertheimer, Koffka, Köhler, and Gestalt Psychology
Pavlov, Watson, Skinner, and Behaviorism
Maslow, Rogers, and Humanism
The Cognitive Revolution
Multicultural Psychology
Summary of History of Psychology
Tutorial: Psychology’s Timeline
Contemporary Psychology
Video: Intro to Psychology
Careers in Psychology
Other Careers in Academic Settings
Career Options Outside of Academic Settings
Summary of “Careers in Psychology”
Psychological Perspectives
The Behavioral Perspective
The Cognitive Perspective
The Psychodynamic Perspective
Social Psychology
The Humanistic Perspective
Cultural Psychology
The Socio-cultural Perspective