Lemont High School class reading list questioned by parents [...]

Pretty detailed report by a local paper in Illinois on a current effort to ban books by Arundhati Roy and Maya Angelou from English class, quoting residents, administrators, previous statements from the authors, and ALA Intellectual Freedom office.

Resident Rick Ligthart came with a prepared statement of changes he wanted in the district’s policy.
“Regardless of the books, I’m recommending to the board that no literature whatsoever be inclusive of literal metaphorical, figurative or allegorical words for male or female genitals,” he said. Identifying himself as a former tenured school teacher he said, other than exceptions for state-mandated sex ed, “English classes should not be involved in sexuality in literature for our kids. It shouldn’t be in any books. No books.”

Reader comment following article:

“So it’s not acceptable that the kids of pearl-clutchers be excluded by not having to read the novel, but it’s OK for the same pearl-clutchers to prevent ALL the kids from reading it. Suck my literal, metaphorical, figurative, or allegorial word for male or female genitals.” – Matthew Pullman

source: Cook County Chronicle

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