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Wikity is a personal note-taking tool for students and writers. It allows you to take notes, collect bookmarks, and even upload photos into a shareable web repository.

Wikity differs from other note-taking tools in two major ways.

Connections: First, Wikity borrows from the lessons of wiki, and allows you to connect your notes into a web. Connect relevant ideas and examples using simple wiki links. Use library view find and make connections.

Sharing: You’re perfectly welcome to use Wikity in a personal and private mode. Just go to your “Settings:: Publishing” page and set the “OPEN” property to “No”. Your pages will be hidden from the world. But for those that want to share their notes, Wikity offers a neat feature. Not only can people see each other’s notes, but you can also copy notes you like from other people’s sites into your own, where you can connect them, edit them, or expand on them.

How to Install Wikity

Wikity runs as a WordPress Theme. To run Wikity, first get a personal WordPress account set up which allows you to upload your own custom themes.

Then download the latest version of Wikity either from the zip file on the Wikity site or from the GitHub repository.

Then upload Wikity like you would any other theme and enable it. That’s it! You’re done.

Wikity users can copy this article to their own site for editing, annotation, or safekeeping. If you like this article, please help us out by copying and hosting it.

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